Pancasila and Religious Studies Center of IAIN Sunan Ampel Visited the Court

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK), Moh. Mahfud MD received a delegation of Pancasila and Religious Studies Center (PUSPA) of IAIN Sunan Ampel, Tuesday (9 / 8) afternoon

Negative stigma against Islam lately was more and more unsettling. One was violence under the guise of religion. The proliferation-related events of terrorism, fundamentalism and radicalism reinforce the stigma. One reason is the influx of radical thinking coupled with a lack of understanding about the value and nature of the teachings of Islam itself. It coupled with a lack of appreciation of Pancasila.

Therefore, it is necessary that systematic and massive effort on all fronts, particularly from among the Muslims themselves, to prevent it. One effort that can be done is to study, discussion, development and internalization of Islamic values and Pancasila in educational centers. "There needs to be balance filter," said Rector of State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Sunan Ampel Nur Syam.

He puts forward the idea when accompanying delegation Pancasila and Religious Studies Centre (PUSPA) IAIN Sunan Ampel visit to the Constitutional Court on Tuesday (9 / 8) afternoon. They met with Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Moh. Mahfud MD. At that time, they accompanied by Deputy Chief Justice Achmad Sodiki, Constitutional Court Justice Ahmad Fadlil Sumadi and the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court Janedjri M.Gaffar. Also present were Director of IAIN Sunan Ampel PUSPA Suyikno.

Not only that, Nur Syam disturbing facts on the ground indicating that the decrease in the discussions that examine and explore the values and principles of Islam as a religion and the Pancasila as the state as a whole and balanced.” The talk and associate with very little religion," he said. "Pancasila should be accepted as a spirit." He was concerned about the penetration of radical understanding that has penetrated into regions.

Therefore, according to Nur Syam, in the near future it will conduct research related to the phenomenon. Research will focus on issues of state relations, Pancasila and religion. Research base is pesantren in East Java. "East Java was chosen because it is very dynamic," said Suyikno. In addition, the reason for choosing East Java as a ‘sample’ of research, because there are thousands of boarding school there and lives relatively harmonious. The hope, through this research it can explore the understanding of the students related to nationality, Pancasila, and religion.

Mahfud also appreciate the idea. He emphasized that his party-in this case MK-ready to establish communication and cooperation in the success of the plan. "It could establish further communication with the Court," he said. One form of such support includes the opening of the Constitutional Court library access to support researchers in enriching literatures. Or in more concrete form, ie, does the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the Constitutional Court and PUSPA or IAIN Sunan Ampel. (Dodi / mh/

Tuesday, August 09, 2011 | 16:24 WIB 177