Student and Lecturer of Master Program of Untag Semarang Been Visited Court

Constitutional Justice Ahmad Fadlil Sumadi was giving a brief lecture to the students and lecturers of Master Program of August 17 University (Untag) of Semarang on Monday (18 / 7) at the Press Conference room 4th floor of the Court Building

Students with some lecturers of Master Program of August 17 University  (Untag) of Semarang visited the Constitutional Court (MK), Monday (18 / 7) in the morning. They met with Constitutional Court Judge Ahmad Fadlil Sumadi in Press Conference room of the Constitutional Court. On that occasion, Fadlil deliver a brief lecture. This group consisted of 115 people.

In his presentation, Fadlil review of the Court, either from history, legal basis, until the implementation of its authority. One discussed the decision of the Constitutional Court is binding properties. According to him, the decision of the Constitutional Court is binding erga omnes. That is, the Constitutional Court's decision binding on all persons or citizens of Indonesia. "Not only to the parties (litigants only)," he explained.

Moreover, according to Fadlil, adjudicate disputes related to the transfer of authority elections of regional head of the Supreme Court to the Court; it is not accurate to say that 'seize or take' authority MA. According to him, it was a logical consequence of regime change in election to election. Because, directly elected regional heads, then he is not only subject to Article 18 of the Constitution of 1945 (relating regional government) but is also subject to Section 22E of the 1945 Constitution which regulates the election. The transfer of authority has also been stipulated in Law no. 12/2008 concerning the Second Law 32/2004 on Regional Government.

He also reminded, in a decision, the Court is not only upholding the rule of law, but also the expediency and justice. Because, according to him, if talk of justice under law, the angle of view when assessing a problem cannot be separated from the surrounding context. (Dodi/mh/

Monday, July 18, 2011 | 17:17 WIB 278