Chairman of the Court on Alumni Friendship of Al-Khoziny Islamic Boarding School of Sidoarjo

Chairman of the Court Moh. Mahfud MD is giving an Islamic teaching to Al-Khoziny Islamic Boarding School Alumni of Sidoarjo, Friday (15 / 7) in Buaran I, East Jakarta

Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) Moh. Mahfud MD does friendship with students of Al-Khoziny’s alumni of Sidoarjo in Buaran I, East Jakarta, Friday (15/7) evening. On that occasion Mahfud give an Islamic teaching about the role of scholars and students in building and uniting the nation, including in law enforcement and justice in Indonesia.
"Students and scholars play a role in building the nation and unify the various elements of the primordial ties, ethnicity, race and religions are different," Mahfud said which also explains the role of KH Wahid Hasyim in uniting Muslims in Indonesia through Nahdlatul Ulama (NU).

Mahfud states Indonesia was the nation's fight against invaders such as the Netherlands, Japan and Britain, facing tanks, and trained soldiers. "We used to do jihad physically to defend our country," Mahfud said.

But now the situation has different circumstances. According to Mahfud, to defend the country Indonesia, we do not have to face the enemy by fighting as in the past. So, we no longer need to take up arms, receipts bamboo spears to face the enemy.

"Our enemy now is injustice. If our country wants to survive the destruction, then we must fight against injustice, "Mahfud said in an event attended by several leaders: KH. Hazim Muzadi and H. Hadiri.

Mahfud added, the task now is to build the nation's morality to the nation safe through law enforcement and justice.

"Let us together to enforce law and justice indiscriminately according to their respective positions," Mahfud said.

Mahfud continued, the Prophet Muhammad had said that the destruction of a country due to the injustice that occurred in that country. The Roman Empire and the Persians had experienced the triumph so many years; they suffered destruction because there is injustice there.

In other parts Mahfud explain the role of Pancasila in guaranteeing religious freedom in Indonesia. In a sense, the Indonesian people should not prohibit someone with a particular religion.

"Including us also against radicalism, terrorism, through religious thought wal Ahlussunnah pilgrims tolerant towards each other faiths," Mahfud said. (Nano Tresna A./mh/

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