To know better, Students of Eka Wijaya Junior High Visited Court

Staff of Chief Justice of The Constitutional Court (The Court), Fajar Laksono, delivering material related to The Court and its authorities to students from Eka WIjaya Junior High School, Monday (21/2) at The Court’s Building.

Jakarta, MKOnline – The Constitutional Court (The Court) welcomed the visit from students of Eka Wijaya Junior High, Monday (21/2) at The Court’s Building. During the event, Chief Justice’s Staff Fajar Laksono delivered material related to The Court and its authorities so that the institution resulted from the reformation would be well-known by the public. “The Court has four authorities and one obligation as arranged in Article 24C paragraph (1) and (2) of the 1945 Constitution.” Explained Fajar at his lecture.

Fajar described the authorities as reviewing acts against the 1945 Constitution, settling disputes over state institutions, also deciding on the dissolution of political parties. In dissolving a political party, continued Fajar, the Government could not be done haphazardly. “Dissolving a political party can not be executed by the Government without a decision from The Court and haphazardly, although so far there has not been a single case coming concerning this matter.” He explained.

Besides that, Fajar explained, The Court was also given an authority by the law to decide on disputes over general election result, whether Presidential election, Legislative election also regional election. “Besides having the function to guard the constitution, The Court also has the function to guard democracy. Therefore, The Court is given an authority to decide on election result disputes. We can say that The Court sits as a referee in political competition.” He narrated.

Fajar also explained about The Court’s obligation that is to give decision on Parliament’s opinion on the impeachment of president and/or vice president. According to Fajar, the impeachment happened during President Abdurrahman Wahid tenure was a part of the history that Indonesian people did not wish to happen again. 

“It is not easy to make a president step down, in a presidential system, a president is not allowed to be impeached haphazardly except there is a breach of law. And the decision on the breach is determnined by The Court. It is the Parliament that brings the case on the violation done by the President and/or Vice President to The Court.” He explained. 

About the Constitutional Justices, Fajar said that the nine justices were chosen by the President, the Parliament, and the Supreme Court. “Those three institutions are the representative of each branch of power in our country. The President represents the executive branch, the House of Representatives represents the legislative branch and the Supreme Court represents the judiciary branch, This is part of the checks and balances system followed by our country.” He explained. (Lulu Anjarsari/mh/YDJ)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 | 12:39 WIB 242