Constitutional Court Chief Justice: Leaders Must Take Leadership in Upholding Law and Justice

Constitutional Court chief justice Moh. Mahfud M.D. spoke before the audience of state-owned TV station TVRI’s morning show called Hikmah Pagi (Morning Wisdom) on Wednesday (10/11).

Jakarta, MKOnline - If we were unable to uphold law justly and fairly, it meant that we were slowly but surely destroying our nation, the chief justice of the Constitutional Court Moh. Mahfud M.D. spoke to the audience of state-owned TV station TVRI’s morning show called Hikmah Pagi (Morning Wisdom) on Wednesday morning (10/11).

According to Mahfud, law enforcement and justice must start from leaders because they are the ones who have the power and authority to regulate and govern the people. In addition, leaders should serve as models for the people. This means that if they behave badly, so would the people, and the vice versa.

If one looked at the current reality, said Mahfud, it was regrettable that there were many law enforcement officers still chose to betray law and justice. “The problem lies in the fact that there are still many law enforcers and leaders having no integrity with respect to upholding law and justice,” he said. 

Mahfud warned that past destructions of great nations were caused by the unfinished and failed tasks of upholding law and justice. “It’s because leaders treated the people capriciously,” he said.  

Owing to that, he said that each individual, especially leaders and law enforcers, had to use their heart, eyes, and ears to sustain honesty and uphold the truths when taking on responsibilities. “Don’t allow yourself to have the heart that fails to understand justice and act upon it. Don’t allow yourself to have the ears that fail to hear the truths. Don’t let yourself to have the eyes that fail to see justice. Allah says that people who are like that are fit and deserve to only become cattle to sacrifice,” affirmed Mahfud, who quoted a Koran verse as saying. 

“If you do not want to be compared with cattle, be a person who upholds honesty on your day-to-day life,” Mahfud concluded his speech at the event titled “Upholding Law and Honesty in Leading the Islamic Community.” (Dodi)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 | 14:17 WIB 170
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