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Reporter : Ita Malau

JAKARTA--MI: Government was requested to finish the academic draft and the draft of Corruption Case Court Bill and submitted it to the House.

That was said by a Representative from The House Legislation Board, Bomer Pasaribu, in a closed discussion entitled Corruption Case Court Bill: Substances and Discussion Opportunity in the Parliament in Jakarta, Wednesday (2/4).

According to Bomer, the Government was the party with the most responsibility on the life of Corruption Case Court at the moment. Because, he said, the initiative came from the government to be discussed in the House of Representatives.

"We will make the Bill as a priority because related to the Constitutional Court’s verdict that gives us only three years (to revise the bill)," he said.

Practically, he emphasized, the Parliament only had a limited amount of time because the Parliament’s working days would be reduced by the recess period, the general election preparation, and the substitution of members of the Parliament in mid 2009.

"The Corruption Case Court right to live is only until December 16, 2009. if until that time there is no Act then they will die. The Government has to hand in the draft soon, otherwise I don’t think they will make it," exclaimed the politician from Golkar Party.

He even said that if the Government was slow in submitting the draft, the Parliament had better taken over the making of the Bill. "If the Parliament is willing, Let the Parliament make the initiative to make the Bill," he said.

Different from Bomer, member of Commission III, Gayus Lumbuun, considered the existence of Corruption Case Court needed to be analyzed thoroughly before putting it in discussion. Yet, if later the Parliament decided to discuss it, the Parliament had to synchronize it with the authority of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), The Attorney General Office and the Police.

Director of Legislation Drafting of the Department of Law and Human Rights (Depkumham), Suhariyono, said that the department had finished making the draft for the Corruption Case Court’s Bill.

"There is an article concerning the number of judges in two alternatives. In this draft, we have decided that the number of judges is maximum 5 with composition of 3 ad hoc judges and 2 career judges," he said.

Even though so, he explained, the number was just an initiative and would be discussed in the Parliament after the President had received it. "Because it is completed, probably we will submit this to the President," he said. (Dia/OL-03)

Source: HU Media Indonesia / Thursday, 03 April 2008
Translated by: Yogi Djatnika (MKRI)

Thursday, April 03, 2008 | 15:30 WIB 198
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