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In the context of enhancing the capacity and competency of the staff, especially in the area of judicial administrative services, the Secretariat General and the Registrar’s Office of the Constitutional Court conducted an Information Technology-Based Education and Training on Judicial Administration for Constitutional Court staff. The education and training joined by staff from various working units within the Secretariat General and the Registrar’s Office of the Constitutional Court was aimed to enhance the capability of staff resources in the area of judicial administrative services which in turn, could also improve their services to the society and support for the Constitutional Court Justices.

The Constitutional Court General Secretary, Janedjri M. Gaffar, who conducted a briefing at the commencement of the education and training, Friday (23/11), stated that the Constitutional Court as a judiciary body asuming the responsibility of administering fast, accurate and transparent services to all stakeholders of the Constitutional Court, particularly the Indonesian citizens. For that purpose, the Constitutional Court has constantly made efforts to facilitate services for the society to achieve justice, an example of which is by developing an IT-based administration service.

Moreover, the Constitutional Court General Secretary also stated that, through information technology, the Constitutional Court hopes that all Indonesian people have an easy access to justice at the Constitutional Court, including those domiciled in regions. “In such way, the Constitutional Court’s function as a guardian of the constitutional rights of all Indonesian citizens can be truly implemented,” he ended.

Through the 3-day education and training, the program participants would gain an understanding of modern administration management, case management information system (SIMKARA), judicial administration and legal documentation network system, as well as the organization of minutes and decisions. The materials were presented by various resource persons consisting of the Constitutional Court Justices, the Constitutional Court General Secretary, the Constitutional Court Registrars, officers within the Registrar’s Office of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia and information technology developers from the National Statistics Agency. [ardli]

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