Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Prof. Dr. Jimly Asshiddiqie, S.H. received two visits by the Ambassador of Egypt, Mohammed El Sayed Taha and the Ambassador of Singapore, Ashok Mirpuri, on Wednesday (12/09). Both quests were welcomed in the office of the Chief Justice on different occasions.


After meeting the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, in the press conference room, Sayed Taha said that he visited to congratulate the Court on its occupying the new Constitutional Court Building at the same time with welcoming the holy month of Ramadhan. “In addition, we also discussed the possibility of cooperation in the field of law namely cooperation among the Constitutional Courts of Muslim countries,” expressed Sayed who promised to make a follow up the matter and hoped to immediately obtain a response from the Egyptian Constitutional Chief Justice.


In addition, Sayed, representing Egypt, wished to develop cooperation with Indonesia in the field of Human Rights. Sayed expected that cooperation between the Egyptian National Human Rights Council and Indonesian Human Rights Institutions would be realized in the future. “Human Rights issue has now become a major issue. Talking about Human Rights, Islam has in fact recognized it even before the Human Rights Declaration in 1948. Therefore, we are ready to cooperate with Indonesia,” he explained.


Moreover, on that occasion, Sayed also promote the education program of Egypt. Egypt’s Department for Foreign Affairs and the Al Azhar University of Cairo, Egypt, have an education program to promote moderation and tolerance. “In this program, scholarships are available for Muslim students from Muslim countries. We also have a cooperation program between the Ministry of Justice and the Al Azhar University which can bring in Indonesian students to study Human Rights from the perspective of Islam,” he said.


Meanwhile, Ashok Mirpuri, in a press conference held after meeting the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, said that his visit was intended to know the recent developments of the Constitutional Court as well as to understand the operation and procedures for the proceedings of the Constitutional Court. “There is nothing special in this visit. Mr. Jimly and I have been acquainted for more than 10 years,” explained Ashok. 


Furthermore, Ashok said that in their discussion, the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court suggested that Asean universities cooperate in studying the constitutions of each state’s constitution. (Heru Setiawan/Wiwik Budi Wasito)
Sunday, September 16, 2007 | 14:52 WIB 229
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