The Constitutional Court received a visit from the students and lecturers from the Faculty of Law of the Pasundan University (Unpas) Bandung on Monday (2/7). The students group which was accompanied by the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law was welcomed by the Constitutional Court Justice, Lieutenant General (Ret) Achmad Roestandi, S.H. also coming from Bandung with the Head of the Research and Study Center of the Constitutional Court, Dr. Zainal Arifin Hoesein.

Sofi Sofiah, the Deputy Dean as well as the group leader stated that the visit has the purpose to broaden the horizons and experience of the students especially regarding the constitution and the Constitutional Court. Aside from that, Sofi said that through this visit, the students are expected to directly gain knowledge about legal practices. “This is to complement the theories studied in campus, “she remarked.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion Justice Roestandi explained that the Constitutional Court was established as a result of the amendment to the 1945 Constitution after the reform. According to Justice Roestandi, the amendment to the 1945 Constitution urged by the people has resulted in a highly significant change in the state administration in Indonesia. Such amendment gave the basis for the establishment of new state institutions which may bring about potential conflict among these institutions. “Well, one of the reasons for establishing the Constitutional Court is to decide on disputes of authorities among state institutions,” he explained.

Responding to a question raised by a student on the authority of the Constitutional Court being merely to perform judicial review of laws rather than preview them before they are enacted, Justice Roestandi stated that such authority belongs the legislators’ domain. He added that until now, the authorities of the Constitutional Court are as granted by the Constitution. “Any addition must be done through the amendment to the Constitution,” he added. (Ardli)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 | 13:20 WIB 226