As the official announcement of candidates for the governor of the Special Capital City Region of Jakarta which will be held on July 2, 2007 looms, several groups expecting the nomination of independent candidates urged the Constitutional Court to accelerate the passing of decision on the judicial review of Law Number 32 Year 2004 on Regional Government (Regional Government Law).

Around a hundred people referring themselves as the Marginal Community Forum, Free Jakarta Movement, and other public elements held a demonstration on Thursday (21/6) by coming to the Constitutional Court to urge the Panel of Justices of the Constitutional Court to accelerate the passing of the decision. Aside from demanding quicker passing of the decision, the demonstrators also asked the Constitutional Court to advise the Local Election Commission of Special Capital City Region of Jakarta to delay the local election process and to wait for the decision of the Constitutional Court regarding the judicial review of the Regional Government Law.

The demonstrators’ representatives were received by the Head of the Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of the Secretariat General of the Constitutional Court, Agus Prawoto, the Head of Case Administration and Hearing Bureau, Kasianur Sidauruk, and the Head of Case Administration Division, Muhidin. Beforehand, the representatives insisted to meet with the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court. “At the moment, the Justices of the Constitutional Court are holding a consultation meeting, but we can guarantee that all your demands will be conveyed to the Chief Justice,” Agus Prawoto said.

Meanwhile, as a respond to the demonstrators’ demands, Kasianur Sidauruk stated that the Constitutional Court has never had any intention to delay the passing of decision on judicial review in the Constitutional Court. “The Constitutional Court has a standard timeframe for the passing of decisions on judicial review as provided by the law,” he explained. Kasianur also explained that in the last hearing prior to the passing of decision (7/6), the Chairperson of the Panel of the Constitutional Court Justices offered the Petitioner to provide additional evidence and written statements within only four days so that a decision can be immediately made on the Petition filed by the Petitioner. However, the Petitioner asked for additional time to prepare them. “We do not want any delay, but it was the Petitioner who asked additional time of two weeks.” he added while representing the minutes of the hearing as evidence.

When he was asked about the schedule for the hearing for the passing of decision, Kasianur said that it would be decided after the discussion of the case in the justices’ consultative meeting. He also reminded that the decision on this case would not only affect Jakarta but also all other regions in Indonesia. Therefore, the Justices of the Constitutional Court are extremely cautious in formulating a decision which would reflect the justice or all citizens. However, he guaranteed that the Constitutional Court will immediately announce the schedule for the hearing when there is a certainty as to it, as what has always been done. “The schedule can be accessed in the MK’s website. Or, if it is necessary, I will personally inform you of it,” he affirmed. (Ardli)

Thursday, June 21, 2007 | 16:36 WIB 160