Colloquium Between The Constitutional Court And Customary Law Community Of Kampung Naga

Colloquium Between The Constitutional Court And Customary Law Community Of Kampung Naga

“Dina Article 51 Paragraph (1) sub-paragraph b of Law Number 24 of 2004 ngenaan the Constitutional Court, it is stated that customary law community units along anu hirup jeung sasui sareng community development jeung the principle of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia anu regulated in the law ngabogaan constitutional rights jeung authorities, lamun its constitutional right is violated ku ayana law anu di sahkeun ku Pamarentah”

Constitutional Justice Lieutenant General (Ret.) H. Achmad Roestandi, SH., made the abovementioned statement in Sundanese language in a Colloquium between the Constitutional Justices and Customary law Community of Kampung Naga in Salawu, Tasikmalaya, West Java, on Friday April 13, 2007.

According to Roestandi, any matter related to the constitutional rights of customary law communities, arising particularly as a consequence of the application of a constitutional product, can be filed for judicial review to the Constitutional Court if such law is deemed contradictory to the 1945 Constitution of the State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Roestandi continued, the Constitutional Court, as one of the independent bodies holding judicial authorities, does not only has the authority to conduct judicial review on laws against the constitution, but also the authority to decide upon disputes on the state institutions authorities the authority of which is granted by the Constitution, to decide upon the dissolution of political parties, to decide upon disputes on general election results and it is required to make a decision regarding People’s Legislative Assembly’s opinion on alleged violation committed by the President and/or the Vice President according to the Constitution.

In addition, the man who was born in Banjaran, Bandung, said that the Constitutional Court has nine constitutional justices whose appointment was stipulated by the President and three of them were nominated by the Supreme Court, while the others were nominated respectively by the People’s Legislative Assembly and the President for a term of office of five years and can be re-appointed only for one subsequent term of office.

The colloquium was held in Bale-Bale (Hall) of Kampung Naga and attended by 150 participants including Informal Leaders of Kampung Naga, Members of Muspida (Regional Executive Conference) of Tasikmalaya Regency, Members of People’s Legislative Council of Tasikmalaya Regency, Members of KPUD (Regional General Elections Commission) of Tasikmalaya Regency, and Informal Leaders of Tasikmalaya Regency.

In addition to the Colloquium with the customary law community of Kampung Naga, the Constitutional Justice Lieutenant General (Ret.) H. Achmad Roestandi, SH. also attended a Colloquium with the members of regional executive conference and informal leaders of Banjar City on the same day and had an opportunity to visit KH Ilyas Ruhiat, Leader of Cipasung Islamic Boarding School, Singaparna. (Hani Adhani)

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