Research Report

The Dynamics of Development of Islamic Law in the Construction of State and Religion Relations in Indonesia Through Judicial Review Verdicts by the Constitutional Court

Dr. Khotibul Umam, S.H., LL.M. Dian Agung Wicaksono. S.H., LL.M. Faiz Rahman, S.H., LL.M.

Document (PDF) 41
The Progressive Role of the Constitutional Court in Protecting the Voting Rights of People with Mental Disorders and Its Effect on Increasing Voter Participation in the Elections (The Study of the Constitutional Court’s Verdict Number 135/PUU-XIII/2015)

Dr. Bayu Dwi Anggono, M.H. Dr. Agus Riewanto, S.H., M.H. Dr. Jimmy Z. Usfunan, S.H., M.H.

Document (PDF) 37
Implementation of the Verdict of the Constitutional Court Number 97/PUU-XIV/2016 Concerning the Judicial Review of the Population Administration Law against the Faith Adherent of the Lom People of the Mapur Tribe in Bangka Belitung Island

Dr. Dwi Haryadi, S.H., M.H. Reko Dwi Salfutra, SH., M.H. Darwance, SH., M.H.

Document (PDF) 31